Hazel Dean’s Wine Club

Wine is not just about appearance, smell, and taste; it is about YOU. At Hazel Dean’s, we believe wine is a passion, not a mission. Our focus is on discovering fantastic producers, terrific values, and a wide range of styles. We meticulously select the most intriguing, well-crafted, delicious, and complex wines to share with our members. We offer three wine club membership levels aimed at every level of experience: The Fan Club, The Pro Club, and The Cellar Club.

Join a club today and gain valuable educational information on the wines, the regions, and the “can’t miss” food pairing ideas and recipes to further enhance your exploration.

Because we understand that life and habits can change, there is no contract with any of our memberships; you can change, suspend or discontinue your membership anytime. Sign-up today to start enjoying all of the benefits our clubs have to offer!

The Fan Club – $30/month

For all of our wine lovers out there, welcome to The Fan Club! Each month we will introduce you to two incredible simple yet refined white wines hand-selected for their high quality and exciting value. This club aims to expand your palate by offering a range of styles and flavor profiles and may occasionally include a Rosé as one of the wines.

The Pro Club – $50/month

The Pro Club is for those who enjoy experiencing the elegance and complexity of wine and are ready to enhance their knowledge and expand their palate. Each month, we will cherry-pick a pair of distinct wines (a red and a white) that are sure to pique your interest and are themed for the month. When searching out wine for our Pro Club, we task ourselves with obtaining the most delicious and exclusive wines we can get.

THE CELLAR CLUB – $95/month

Created for the passionate wine connoisseur, who enjoys drinking and collecting rare bottles from different vineyards worldwide, The Cellar Club is the ideal club to help add to your cellar or put aside for an upcoming special occasion. Each month two bottles of limited production wines are carefully curated by our wine professionals to satisfy the most educated palates. We will reserve these wines exclusively for The Cellar Club. Also, our Cellar Club members receive notices of notable findings via email when we come across something that would make a great addition to any cellar.


  • 10% off any retail purchase when picking up their club wines.
  • May purchase four or more bottles of Fan or Pro club selections at the club price through the next release while supplies last. These wines are exclusive to our club members and not ordinarily available in the store.
  • Receive a detailed review identifying stylistic attributes and background information along with tasting notes, cheese pairing suggestions, and recipes to pair with each club wine.
  • Club only Leisure Hour on wine club release on the second Wednesday of the month to sample club wines from The Fan and Pro Clubs.
  • Members enrolled in two or more wine clubs receive 15% off all memberships (this includes gifted memberships).
  • Enjoy special pricing on scheduled events in the store.
  • Corkage fee waived for members to enjoy a bottle of wine in the store.
  • Receive free or reduced admission to Thirsty Thursday tastings; Fan-25%, Pro-50%, and Cellar-free.
  • Guaranteed savings—retail value will always exceed the monthly membership cost.
  • Be among the first to know about wine dinners and tastings and have access to pre-purchase tickets.
  • Get invited to HDs Wine Club exclusive member events.
  • There is no contract; you can change, suspend or discontinue your membership at any time.


  • There is a registration fee of $10 per membership.
  • The registration fee and initial payment will set up the subscription for club wines the following month.
  • The monthly membership fee will charge to your card on the first of the month.
  • One month minimum required. You may suspend or cancel your membership or change club levels at any time after the first month.
  • Any new membership purchased on or after the 15th day of the current month will be applied towards the club wines for the following month. All other club benefits will take effect on the date of purchase.
  • Wines will be ready to pick up at the store on the second Wednesday of the month.
  • The person picking up monthly club orders must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Change, Suspend or Cancel anytime before the first of the month. Renewal of a suspended membership does not require a new registration fee.

Thanks for checking out our wine club! We think pretty highly of our selections; this may be the most exciting wine club in the Low Country (there we said it).