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Pizza & Pasta

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Castra Rota

What started as a local Italian restaurant in Brunson, South Carolina, grew in such popularity that Castra Rota’s pizzas and other menu items now have a regional following. Even better, you don’t have to drive 78 miles to Brunson to get one of the most delicious pizzas you’ll ever sink your teeth into, as Hazel Dean’s offers Castra Rota’s traditional Italian pizzas with the freshest, first-class toppings.

That’s not all. Castra Rota’s Castelvetrano olives, berry olives, and Cerignola olives are all available at Hazel Dean’s, as well as their beautiful, handmade, artisanal pasta; handmade San Marzano tomato sauce; and handmade Bolognese meat sauce. What’s more, if you’re searching for Castra Rota’s world-class Gorgonzola DOP cheese and Sardinian sheep cheese with truffles, then look no further than Hazel Dean’s.


Our Most Popular Products

Here are just a few of the items in our store that always seem to fly off the shelves. Do you have a favorite? We’d like to know what it is. And if you are searching for an item we don’t carry, let us know. We’ll do our best to get it for you.

Craft Beer

We stock a large selection of local and regional craft beers. Available in singles and in packs. You can even enjoy your beer in our store or on our patio.

Custom Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

Customized to-go charcuterie boards, filled with all your favorites, starting at just $20 per person. Add smoked fish for only $5 more per person. Delivery available.

Smoked Fish

Our smoked salmon and trout come from Alan Patak in Austell, Georgia. His parents opened the business in 1981, specializing in fine, European-style meats.



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