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1855 Black Angus Beef

“Black Angus” refers to cattle with Angus genetics whose hides are predominantly black and are best known for delivering consistent, reliable beef. While Angus is the most common breed of beef cattle in the United States, 1855 beef is sourced solely from Black Angus cattle raised in the grain-rich areas of the Great Plains, a region known for producing the richest Black Angus cattle available. We carefully choose family ranchers who understand the steps required to achieve a memorable eating experience.

Wagonhammer Ranch

When you live in Wheeler County, Nebraska, where the cattle outnumber the people, you know you are in an area that understands beef.

This is especially true at the Wagonhammer Ranch, a family-owned and operated ranch that opened its gates in 1910. The Black Angus cattle this ranch produces are highly sought after and known to be of the highest quality.

Besides the attention to detail, the toil, and the sweat, Jay Wolf, Rancher-Owner at Wagonhammer, believes it is something specific that helps the cattle he raises earn the reputation they do.

“This is rich cow-calf country. We’ve been blessed with great grass,” said Wolf. “We take good care of the land, and it takes good care of us.”

For more than a century, the Wagonhammer Ranch proves that the best Angus beef starts with a strong passion and understanding for what it takes to produce it.

“My father was a Rancher, his father was a Rancher and I am carrying on all that they started.”


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