Welcome to the first post in Hazel Dean’s Wine Blog! Our goal is to provide insight into the wines and products we offer, wine education, shared experiences, producer highlights, food and wine pairings, and generally anything we come up with that we think you would enjoy.

At Hazel Dean’s, we believe that wine is a passion, not a mission. To that end, we want to share our passion for wine with you in a way that enhances your enjoyment of wine and allows your passions to guide your wine path. One of the greatest joys of wine is that it is an individual experience best enjoyed among others. Good wine is a wine you like. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, how long it sat in someone’s musty basement, how it rated on some list, or what anyone else has to say about it. If you like it, it is a good wine for you.

While we could inundate you with technical details and unsolicited wine snobbery, that would not serve you or us. We will give you facts and opinions all day long because we are passionate about wine and specifically the wines in our store (they wouldn’t be here if we weren’t), but in the end, it’s all about you. We hope you enjoy this blog and that you get something you can use from the information provided. Now, without further ado, let the blogging commence. Cheers!